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We're different than all other ophthalmology billing companies.

We stick to our core values. We remain accountable.

We are highly motivated, passionate, process-driven and detailed-oriented billers at all times. Every claim is personally audited by and released by a Billing Manager. We do not get paid until you get paid.

Customer Service
Your practice will be on a first-name basis with our account supervisor. Agnite will perform like a seamless extension of your practice. 
Always transparent
Data security, cloud-based, secure data back-up, HIPAA compliant, dedicated account supervisor, informative reports and analytics that are easy to navigate. 
All our billers are Ophthalmic Certified Specialists, certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.
Team oriented
Every biller is cross-trained on all aspects of ophthalmology billing. Ophthalmology billing is our passion. When it comes to billing personnel, we have you covered at all times.

We understand your business.

We started with 25+ years of billing and collections’ consultation experience with hundreds of ophthalmology private practices nationwide. Unlike most other billing companies, we understand the complexities of ophthalmology billing. We speak the same language and we are always keeping our staff accountable.

We are affordable. You pay for what you get.

Low rate billing companies usually have inexperienced employees with high turnover and are often outsourced overseas and very difficult to communicate with on a timely basis. Your cost for a low rate billing company can actually end up costing you more in the long run than a reliable, comprehensive, efficient and productive company like ours.

We are smart. We are eager. We are leaders.

That alone speaks to our knowledge of the industry. We apply this knowledge to each and every client.


We work harder, smarter and more efficiently than our competitors.
Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll, Chief Executive Officer

Michael Carroll is a Co-Founder of Agnite Health LLC. Mr. Carroll is responsible for the company’s growth and market positioning. Mr. Carroll is charged with the responsibility of implementing strategy initiatives to increase market share and develop operational realignment strategies to support such growth.

Byrd Evans
Byrd Evans, OCS, Co-Founder & Consultant

Byrd Evans is a Co-Founder and a Consultant of Agnite Health LLC. Byrd has over 28+ years’ experience in the revenue cycle/billing and collections arena as a billing specialist, billing consultant and billing manager. Ms. Evans was a CodeQuest instructor for the American Academy of Ophthalmology for over 6 years and a highly respected ophthalmology revenue cycle/billing and collections consultant with Advantage Administration, Inc. for over 15 years.

Belinda Baldwin
Belinda Baldwin, CPC, CPMA, OCS, Director of Operations

Belinda Baldwin is the Director for Agnite Health LLC. Ms. Baldwin has over 20+ years in ophthalmology billing and coding with administrative management and consulting experience. Belinda is a certified professional coder (CPC) and certified professional medical auditor (CPMA). Belinda has a passion for teaching and coaching and helping people realize their true potential. When it comes to billing, collections, coding and auditing, she prides herself in staying above national and specialized benchmarks by monitoring the constant changes in regulations and coding updates.

Jeannette Ruiz
Jeannette Ruiz, CBCS, OCS, Assistant Director

Jeannette Ruiz is an Assistant Director for Agnite Health LLC. Jeannette has over 9 years’ experience in the revenue cycle/billing and collections arena as a billing specialist and billing manager, including managing the billing for a multi-million dollar internal medicine hospitalist group. Jeannette is a certified billing and coding specialist (CBCS) and has obtained her ophthalmic coding specialist certificate (OSC). Jeannette consistently maintains a professional demeanor with clients and always promotes positivity and teamwork.

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