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The results have been fantastic!

Wesley K. Herman, M.D. - Founder, Vision Quest

“I am the founder and President of a comprehensive tertiary ophthalmology practice and an outpatient ambulatory surgery center with multiple doctors that is located in Dallas, Texas. We have been in business for over 35 years and we enjoy an outstanding reputation within the community.

Due to the complexity of ophthalmic billing and the inability to find highly qualified management to oversee our billing department, we decided to outsource our billing operations to an outside company. The first company that we elected to use did not meet our expectations and we terminated that relationship after just one year. The second company that we engaged was a very large multidisciplinary billing company with multiple offices throughout the country. This was a near disaster for our practice due to very questionable billing and collection practices. We lost significant dollars in collections that created a severe cash flow problem for our practice and surgery center. We found ourselves having to write-off very significant dollars that should have been collected.

Due to our cash flow concerns, we were in the process of establishing our own internal billing department when Agnite Health LLC was highly recommended to us from a reliable and trusted advisor. Due to the problems that we had previously experienced, we vetted this company very carefully. Their references were outstanding. We were familiar with the founders and leadership of Agnite since they were an affiliate of Advantage Administration, Inc., a leading ophthalmic consulting company. Advantage Administration, Inc., has an outstanding reputation in revenue cycle management and they have been in business for over 25 years. The leadership of Agnite immediately came to our assistance and assessed our situation. Due to their expertise in ophthalmology, they were able to quickly and flawlessly convert our billing data over to AdvancedMD and assume responsibility for the billing for our multiple offices and outpatient ambulatory surgery center. Since Agnite has been responsible for the entire billing and collection process for our organization, our cash flow has improved dramatically! Claims are posted and filed within 24 hours. Our aged accounts receivables are in the best shape they have ever been. Agnite was able to recover a very significant amount of dollars that were not filed or improperly filed from our previous billing companies. We have access to on-demand reporting and have been receiving the most comprehensive billing and collection reports we have seen to date. Agnite is extremely accessible to our managers, our support staff and me. Our internal management staff is very pleased with Agnite.

Agnite Health LLC offers the expertise that is needed in today’s complex billing environment. Their technology, expertise and passion distinguish them from their competition and we have found them to be very cost effective. I want to focus my time on patient care not administrative tasks. I hired Agnite Health LLC to take complete charge of the billing and collections for our ophthalmology practice and ASC. In summary, the results have been fantastic!”


Great team! I have them on speed dial!

Dee Barroso

“I have been working with Agnite Health since April 2017. Together we worked on getting ASC up and running. We have had several hurdles, but with the help of Byrd and Belinda we are getting through them. Great team! If I have questions or concerns, they answer them promptly. I have them on speed dial! Look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”


My wholehearted enthusiastic recommendation for Agnite...

Laura T. Muller, M.D. - The Eye Center

“This letter is to share my strong support and my wholehearted enthusiastic recommendation for Agnite as a billing company. I have a solo practice ophthalmology business. When my billing was being done in-house, there were claims that were set to the side and not followed up on, and large delays with submitting our claims up to two or three weeks. Since working with Agnite, they are up to date, submitted properly and followed up on in a systematic way.

They have a wonderful system for communicating, with various tools to track and maintain accountability. The charts and graphs fabulously communicate the progress we have made and areas for future goals. Agnite has also developed reports customized and specific to our needs to help communicate and track our goals.

Agnite also excels at communicating potential issues with our verification process; if charges or denials need our attention, they are tracked down and addressed. This allows me as a clinician and business owner to focus on other aspects of the practice with the knowledge that my billing is well managed.

After working with in-house billers for 11 years and having outsourced with Agnite for the past year, I don’t plan on ever bringing the billing back in-house. The billers at Agnite are familiar with ophthalmology billing and the subtleties of our specialty. I feel like I am in good hands and that the complex world of billing is under control."


Exceptional and beyond our expectations.

Sherry Marcoux & Joseph P. Calderone, Jr., M.D., FACS - Cranford Ophthalmology

“We are writing this letter in reference to Agnite billing. Our experience with their services has been exceptional and beyond our expectations. After considering transitioning to a billing service for many years, we finally took the plunge. It has been one of the best decisions for our practice for several reasons.

They are prompt and thorough in all that they do. Hiring Agnite has alleviated the need for a billing person in our office, who was spending many hours to send out claims and waiting weeks for them to return. Claims and reconciliation of our day is always done within 24 hours or less. Insurance payments are returned within 10 days to two weeks. If there is any question on a charge or a code missing, the staff at Agnite is on top of it! They are extremely diligent in not letting charges or questionable diagnostic codes slip through the cracks. The communication between their staff and our office is phenomenal! Their services have been cost effective for us and we could not be happier that we transitioned to outside billing. It gives us more time to attend to the demanding needs of managing our practice and most of all our patient care.

Lastly, I would like to share that not only does Agnite provide services that are superior in all that they do, they are personable, professional and always go above and beyond. They have spent time with both myself, the office manager, the physicians and the staff educating us on various aspects of using Advanced AMD. Their key leaders have spent time teaching us aspects of the system to make working together smooth and organized. Not only have they gone out of their way to ensure that each one of us understands the reporting mechanisms but they have also created specific reports to meet our needs. Their availability to answer questions and discuss any issue is prompt and almost immediate.

It has been a pleasure working with the entire staff at Agnite and we feel secure in knowing they are handling such an important part of our practice with great success and reimbursement.“

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