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Lost revenue is a real concern for every practice

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reports 30 percent of claims are denied or ignored on the first submission. A full 60 percent of those claims are never resubmitted.


Source: Healthcare Billing and Management Association link


Our goal is to have 99% acceptance rate on the first submission of your claims

Every encounter form is reviewed and verified by error recognition processes prior to being sent to the payor. Result is DAR decreases to less than 20 days.

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Our billing team cares as much about your financial livelihood as you do

You could potentially add more than $25,000 in annual revenue from our expertise. An 8% compounding interest rate over 20 years could result in future values in excess of $1,000,000.

Source: Q and A: Estimating Long-Term Market Returns link


Better business reports for your practice are key to your success

Do you have difficulty finding accurate and pertinent information you need? We are 100% transparent. Your practice management financial and billing reports are available to you on demand 24/7.



Customer service always comes first. Success of our clients is our success.

”I want to focus my time on patient care — not administrative tasks. I hired Agnite Health LLC to take complete charge of the billing and collections for our ophthalmology practice and ASC. Results have been fantastic.“

Wesley K. Herman, M.D.

Wesley K. Herman, M.D. Founder, Vision Quest

Vision Quest

Cranford Ophthalmology

The Eye Center

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About Us

Agnite Health LLC is an ophthalmology billing company that allows you to focus on practicing medicine. We are the experts in billing and we have shown that over the last 25 years. Quite simply, we take care of your billing and collections.

We specialize in ophthalmology practices and all subsidiaries surrounding this speciailty such as ambulatory surgical centers and optical billing.

In today’s economic environment, as reimbursements continue to decline, many ophthalmologists, optometrists and management personnel rely on Agnite Health LLC as a trusted billing business partner.

Agnite Health LLC is an affiliate of Advantage Administration, Inc.

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